Tarot Octocopter Power Distribution Board PCB Signal Hub - 1000 X8 Drone TL8X018

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Tarot Octocopter Power Distribution Board Signal Hub PCB for 1000 X8 Drone TL8X018


This board has been designed to simplify the wiring and help keep your drone organised. It takes care of both power distribution and ESC signal wiring all in one neat package.

The board is designed for octocopters so it features eight ESC signal inputs labeled M1 to M8. The connections are outputted together respectively at the signal hub, ready for you to connect with your flight controller*. On the power distribution side of things, the board has eight coaxial power ports to power your ESC’s and a couple of XT30 connectors to power auxiliary devices like UBECs and FPV gear.

The board comes completes with a full wiring harness. It comes with eight coaxial power cables and eight signal wires, ready for you to solder to your ESC's and then plug straight into the board. The cables are long; 66cm and 42cm respectively, so they have enough length if you prefer to mount your ESC’s under the motors away from the main frame. The package also comes with high current 10AWG power leads soldered to a 7mm gold plated Amass AS150 anti-spark battery connector. Finally, a foam adhesive pad is included which should be stuck to the back of the board to insulate it from your frame.

*Important: The signal hub does not have a positive connection, only signal and ground connections.


ESC Signal Connections: 8 connection ports

ESC Power Connections: 8 coaxial power ports

Auxiliary Power Outputs: 2 female XT30 connections

Battery Connection: Amass AS150 7mm anti spark connector 

Size: 99 x 106 x 17mm

Mount Holes: 4x M3 (80 x 39mm) 

Weight: 79g main board / 335g including wiring harness


The pictures are reference only. Factory may change the design of the product without further notification. 


100% Brand New


1x Octocopter PDB Signal Hub

8x ESC Coaxial Power Cable (TL8X004) - 66cm

8x ESC Signal Wire - 42cm

1x Insulation Sticker

2x XT30 Male Connectors

1x 10AWG Silicone Wire Power Cable - 18cm

1x Amass AS150 7mm Anti Spark Connector

Heat Shrink