Corona 2.4G R6SF Compatible Receiver Support FUTABA S-FHSS T6 14SG

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Product Information

• 8ch ,6ch and 4ch servo channels in R8SF, R6SF and R4SF under normal status.
• S.BUS output support expanding servo channels on the 8th channel of R8SF, the 6th channel of R6SF and the 4th channel of R4SF under special status. 
• 20.4mS latency under normal status after bind support analog servos,13.6mS latency under special status supply enhancement smooth flight with digital servos.

• Voltage Range :3.6~8.5V
• Operating Current: 60mA max and 45mA under linked
• Operation temperature: -10~70 degC
• Latency: 13.6mS or 20.4mS
• Sensitivity: about -100dBm for R8SF, -98dBm for R6SF and -95dBm for R4SF
• Weight: 11g for R8SF, 8g for R6SF and 7g for R4SF

LED status indicated under normal working status:

Bind procedure:

 No signal searched
 signal is very good 
 signal is not very good
 signal is weak

•Turn on the S-FHSS/FHSS transmitter, leave it 0.5M~1M away the receiver.
• Connect the battery to the receiver while pressing receiver’s F/S button.
• Red LED light on and Green LED off when searching signals, and turn to Green LED light on and Red LED off indicate bind is succeeded.


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