GT Power Aircraft Sounds Light Simulated System For RC Airplane Model - GT043

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GT Power Aircraft Sounds Light Simulated System For RC Airplane Model


This system has the stronger sounds synthesis and high-efficiency amplifier.

Equip with the fantastic loudspeaker box which can bring to the perfect and simulated effect.

Bulit-in variety of sounds simulation,up to 19 groups. 

The firmware can be updated via the computer software to increase the quantity of sound. 



Brand Name: G.T.Power

Item Name: Aircraft Simulated Sounds System

Version: 2.0

Input Voltage: 4.5 - 6.0V

Speaker Power Supply: 6 - 26V

Max. Power: 30W

Loudspeaker Size: 20cm cable, 2.0 JST-XH connector, 44x15mm



- Use glue to stick the loudspeaker (positive) in the inside of the aircraft,and make sure it won't fall off.

- Please assemble it according to the manual strictly and keep it stable and safety.

- Alarm in low voltage: Open the low voltage alarm,when the voltage lower than setting the lowest voltage,then the first LED and the third LED will flash(blue and red LED flash).

- To avoid damaging the loudspeaker,please turn down the sounds to minimum when use it for first time or re-setting.

- To make the perfect simulated effect,please do not put the objects which have strong distribution around the loudspeaker.

- It should be calibrated the controller when use it in the first time or change to anther controller.