• Tarot 5.8G Image Transmission FPV Receiver RX For FPV Racing Drone - TL300N3

Tarot 5.8G Image Transmission FPV Receiver RX For FPV Racing Drone - TL300N3

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Tarot 5.8G Image Transmission FPV Receiver RX For FPV Racing Drone - TL300N3 

Product Description: 
TAROT of self-developed 32 frequency 5.8g system with a super mini size and superlight weight, particularly 
suitable for present small multi-axis rotary-wing aircraft, as well as through the machine. 32 frequency 
compatible with regular frequency,providing a 1-channel video signal, 2-channel audio signal long-distance transmission,the receiver weighs only 10.9G (excluding antenna)
Receiver details:
1, 17.2G (excluding antenna) Weight:17.2 g (without antenna)
2, 55x32x size: 55x32x13mm
3, the receiving frequency: 5645-frequency:5645-5945 MHZ
4, the number of channels: 4 bands, a total of 32 channel Channel:4 bands/32channels
5, channel selection: 5-position mini dip switch 5-DIP switch
6, receiver sensitivity: -85 dbm/Receiving Sensitivity: -85 DBM
7, input voltage: 7-26V DC (2-6S)/Input Voltage:DC 7-26V (2-6S)
8, antenna connector: SMA 50 ω/Antenna Adaptor:SMA 50 ω
9: working ambient temperature:-10-60 degrees Celsius. Working Temperature: -10 ~ 60 degrees
10, modulation type: FM/PLL Frequency:FM/PLL
11, audio and video output interface: 2.5mm AV output:2.5mm 4 4 audio/video plugpins AV output
12, power interface: 3.5mm 1.3mm DC power supply plug Power in input:3.5mmoutside (exterior) 1.3 mm (Interior) DC
1, install the antenna, then switch. Avoid equipment failures
2, select the appropriate frequency, and set the receiver to the same frequency. Seefrequency table
3, the transmitter power, works do not touch the casing so as not to burn. Hot shell isnormal, please 
feel free to use.
4, the input voltage is 7-26V (2-6S), do not exceed the voltage range used.
5, the output current and voltage is 5V 1 a, note whether the camera is in range ofvoltage and current.
1、Install the antenna before connecting the power to avoid further damage.
2、Choose proper working frequency and tune the receiver to the same frequency. Please refer to the
channel list.
3、Do not touch the surface of transmitter while operating. It is normal the surface is getting hot.
4、The input voltage range is between 7-26V (2-6S), do not overload the working voltage.
5、The output voltage is 5V1A. Please confirm the current and voltage of the camera
5.8G audio/video receiver X1
3.5MM power X1
2.5MM audio 
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