TAROT 1.2G Audio Video Image Transmission Transceiver Antenna For Drone FPV TL300K5

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Product Information


TAROT 1.2G applies to audio and video image transmission transceiver, an antenna feeder and SMA connectors silver production, in order to avoid signal attenuation, to ensure excellent performance. Lightweight design of the four-leaf transmitting antenna weighs only 10.8G, allowing longer battery life, the inner head straight to ensure the full and stable quality format videos to the antenna.

Transmission frequency: 1200MHZ
Receiving antenna: Y type
Directivity: omnidirectional
Horizontal beam width: 45 °
Vertical lobe width: 45 °
Polarization: circular polarization
Impedance: 50Ω
Antenna adapter: Straight SMA internally threaded bore
Feeder: silver-plated copper wire high temperature

Package Included:

1.2G Y antenna × 1 (Φ35 × 83MM) 6.6G
Size: 102mm × 128mm