Tarot Transmitter Tray FPV Monitor Support Part - TL2881-02

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Product Information

Item Name: Tarot Transmitter Tray FPV Monitor Support Part - TL2881-02 
This product belongs to the remote display rack tray FPV TL2877 accessories, serve to strengthen the role of solid installation screen. Using 6061T6 aluminum full CNC machining, the overall design is exquisite and meticulous, quick installation firm.

- 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy CNC processing
- Assist part for TL2877
- Enhance the stability of monitor installation
- Precision design, easy to use, stable performance

Includes :
- Metal support part 1pc
- M5*8mm semi-circle hexa screw 1pc

Condition: 100% Brand New









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