Tarot Quick Release FPV Remote Control Tray PRO for Flysky Frsky Futuba Transmitter - TL2876-Pro

  • Brands Tarot
  • Product Code: TL2876-Pro
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  • US$37.88


Product Information

Item Name: Tarot FPV Display Tray for Remote Control Tray TL2877 Tarot Accessories

·Updated and iterated open design
·Three bottom bracket mounting methods combined with sliding quick release latches
·Can match most brands and models of remote control on the market
·Full CNC machining of 6061T6 aluminum alloy, the overall design is delicate and meticulous, fast and stable installation
·Functional extensions
·FPV monitor installation
·Wireless image transmission installation
·External battery installation
·Comfortable bracket installation and many other expansion parts

Product Specifications:
New remote control tray base plate × 1
Metal support block × 1
Metal upper frame / silver × 2
Metal lower frame / silver × 2
Tray metal pressure buckle / burgundy × 1
Metal top plate/silver×1
Back strap metal pull arm/left×1
Back strap metal pull arm/right×1
M4*10mm half-round head screws×6
M3*8mm large cap bushing cup head screws×4
M3*10mm cup head screws×2
M4*12mm cup head bushing screw/silver×1
Anti-slip gasket×2




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