Hobby Eagle A3 Super 3 A3 S3 6 Axis Airplane Gyro Flight Controller Stabilizer

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Product Information

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Hobby Eagle A3 Super 3 A3 S3 6 Axis Airplane Gyro Flight Controller Stabilizer

Main Controller: 32-bit MCU
Sensor: High-precision 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer
Gyroscope Scale Range: ±2000 dps
Accelerometer Scale Range: ±4g
PWM Output: 920uS ~ 2120uS with 1520uS center length / 50 ~ 333Hz
Input Voltage: 4.8V ~ 8.4V
Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Size: 43×27×14mm
Weight: 10g (excluding wires)

A3S3 Features:
The A3 Super 3 is a high-performance and functional 6-axis gyro and stabilizer designed for R/C airplanes. This gyro can be used with nearly any size and type of R/C airplanes and it will make the flying even easier and comfortable.
32-bit MCU, high-precision 6-axis MEMS sensor, improved hardware platform and new firmware solution provide more reliable performance.
7 flight modes, including Gyro-Off mode, Normal mode, Trainer mode, Atti-Lock mode, Auto-Level mode, Auto-Hover mode and User-Defined mode.
6-position flight mode switching supported.
Compatible with most standard receivers, standard PPM single-line receivers and Futaba's S.Bus and S.Bus 2 receivers.
7 wing types, dual aileron, dual elevator, delta-wing and v-tail supported.
External LED module, integrated with data interface, flat or upright various mounting orientations supported.
Servo center position and travel limits adjustment supported.
Pass-through function for [A2] and [E2] channels.
Programming card and mobile APP control supported (The programming card and Wi-Fi module are not included in a standard edition).

External LED Module:
An external LED module is added to make the gyro even easier and more convenient to install and use.

Trainer Mode:
Trainer Mode is added. When flying in this mode, you can only tilt the plane to a certain angle by giving aileron or elevator stick input. Roll and loop are not allowed in this mode, the plane will be stabilized all the time. This prevents the plane from being tilted into a larger angle that may cause a danger. This mode can be used as emergency rescue, or in other applications, e.g. to have a training for new beginners or to use for FPV.

6-position Mode Switching:
This new feature allows you to switch the flight mode among all modes supported during flight, by using a mixing of a 2-position and 3-position toggle switch on your transmitter.


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Hobby Eagle A3 Super 3 A3 S3 6 Axis Airplane Gyro Flight Controller Stabilizer X 1 Set


Colour Black
Material Plastic
Compatible T-rex 500

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