FLYSKY NB4 Mini Z FHSS 2.4GHz Module FS-RM005 for Kyosho FHSS Mini-Z RWD AWD

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FLYSKY NB4 Mini Z FHSS 2.4GHz Module FS-RM005 for Kyosho FHSS Mini-Z RWD AWD

FS-RM005 is a tuner used with NB4. It adopts Mini-Z FHSS system and can be adapted to Kyosho Mini-Z RWD, AWD, 4X4, FWD
Product Parameters:
Product Model:FS-RM005
Customized Model:NB4
Wireless Frequency:2.4G ISM
Transmitting Power:<20dBm (EU)
Wireless Protocol:Mini-Z (FHSS)
Input Power:3.3 ± 0.1V
Antenna Type:Built-in single antenna
Online Update:Yes
Temperature Range:- 10 ℃ - ﹢ 60 ℃
Humidity Range:20% -95%
Dimensions:34 * 18 * 5.2mm (without protective cover)
Body Weight:2.3g
Safety Certification: CE, MIC, FCC ID: N4ZRM005
Installation and code matching:
1. Remove the base of the NB4, properly install the tuner in the transmitter handle, click (model settings), and select the high frequency setting like Mini-Z (FHSS)
2. While you are using the receiver's code key, power on the receiver, and the receiver LED will flash quickly
3. Click (Receiver Settings) and select the code pairing setting. After the receiver flashes slowly, the transmitter will exit the code pairing state.The receiver indicator light is always on to show successful code pairing
4. Check that the transmitter, receiver, and model are working normally. If you need to re-code, please repeat steps 2-3

Compatible Chart of Flysky Receiver and Transmitter: 

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