Steam Steam 550/600 Tail Rotor Holder Set Black For RC Helicopter - MK6055A

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  • Product Code: MK6055A
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Product Information

    Suitable for MK550/600 helicopter model. Newly design holder with thrust centrifugal force balance structure. Play a symmetrical balance role. The stepped three-bearing design lengthens the radial distance between the bearing and the shaft, and all the bearings are installed on the tail spindle, no longer fixed by screws, effectively preventing the probability of ejection. Solve the original design shortcomings.

    Streamlined design, mortise and tenon design. Effectively improve structural strength without increasing weight.


Tail rotor holder×2(31×22×13.5mm)2.5g
Tail rotor spindle×1(Φ10×Φ2.5×41mm)7g
Surface bearing×4(Φ5×Φ8×3mm)
Damper rubber×2(Φ6×Φ8×0.6mm)
Thrust bearing×2(Φ4×Φ8×3.5mm)
Socket thumb head screw×2(M3×8mm)
M3 Set screw×1(M3x3mm)
M3 Button head screw×1(M3x15mm)
M3 Nut×2

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