RadioLink Crossflight Flight Controller FC OSD Integrated 10CH PWM Output For RC multi-rotor Drone FixedWing helicopter car boat

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RadioLink Crossflight Flight Controller FC OSD Integrated 10CH PWM Output For RC multi-rotor Drone FixedWing helicopter car boat

Crossflight FC Main Features:

Vibration Damping by Software: Ensure the accuracy of sensor data at all times, achieve better Altitude Hold effect, and make the flight more stable.
OSD Module Integrated: Support real-time graphically display OSD information such as the flight direction and position of the aircraft without the need for an external OSD module.
10 Channels PWM Output: Adaptable to 3-8 Axis Multirotor, Airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and multiple industries.
Mini Size as F4: Only 39.7*39.7*13mm and 16.5g, helps save space and reduce total weight to lengthen the flight time.
Easier Installation and Setting: Offer comprehensive technical support including the usage guidance needed for all functions from basic use, PID parameter adjustment, log viewing, etc. of each model.
Automation Software Testing System: The same Automation Software Testing System as PIXHAWK and Mini Pix helps realizes test automation from the sensor to connection ports and interface.


* The crossflight can set parameters by Radiolink Mission Planner, ArduPilot Mission Planner, and QGC Mission Planner.
* The crossflight only can upgrade the firmware by Radiolink Mission Planner, and only can upgrade the firmware from Radiolink.
* You could download the Radiolink mission planner and firmware via our official website:


Connector: JST GH1.25 Connector
PWM Output: 10 PWM Output
Mavlink UART: 2(without CTSRTS)
USB Port: 1(Type-C)
GPS UART/I2C Port: 1
RC In Signal Input: PPM/SBUS
RSSI Output: Do not support
OSD Module: OSD Module Integrated
ESC Protocol: PWM
DSHOT Protocol: Do not support
ONESHOT Protocol: Do not support
Neopix Led: Support
Gripper Function: Support
USB Voltage: 5V±0.3V
Servo Voltage: Not applicable
Operating Temperature: -40~80℃
Adaptable Models: 3-8 copter/Airplane/Helicopter/Car/Boat
Dimention: 39.7*39.7*13mm (1.56"*1.56"*0.51")
Weight: 16.5g(0.58oz), 54g(1.9oz when all the connect wires included)
Power Module Specifications:

Input Voltage: 2-12S
Input Current: 90A
Output Voltage: 5.1V
Output Current(BEC): 2.5A
Input Current(connect to one ESC only): 20A
Hardware Specification:
Processor: HC32F4A0PITB
Gyro: ICM42670
Compass: VCM5883
Barometer: LPS22HB
FRAM: Without FRAM, use the internal flash to store parameters, 2617 waypoints for multi-copters, and 2623 waypoints for airplanes