Tarot Z25 Waterproof Fordable Arm Mounting Holder for 25mm Multi-Rotor Drone Tube TL25A1

  • Brands Tarot
  • Product Code: TL25A1
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  • US$20.21


Product Information

Product Description:

·Suitable for use with 4/6/8-axis multi-rotor drones with tube diameter Φ25MM

·Adopt button type unlocking, one button unlocking automatic folding

·Easy and simple to use, easy to put away

·The locking mechanism can automatically lock the function in one direction according to the vibration of the arm.

·Unique folding mount waterproof sealing baffle design

·No more worries about waterproofing (the edges need to be coated with waterproof adhesive), which meets the needs of industrial drones

·Made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy super hard aluminum alloy, high precision multi-axis CNC machining

·X4Ⅱ/X6Ⅱ/X8Ⅱ frame can be installed directly

Product Specifications:

Metal left support plate × 1 (54.5 × 40 × 5.5MM) 15.0G

Metal right support plate × 1 (54.5 × 40 × 5.5MM) 15.0G

M3.0×5MM step hexagonal screw×8

M2×4MM cup head hex screw × 4

Φ4×26MM spring×2

H5×22.5MM hexagonal aluminum column×2

M2.5×5MM cup head hexagon socket screw×4

Unlock slider × 1 (66 × 16 × 21.5MM) 6.2G

Self-locking copper column × 1 (Φ6 × 27MM) 5.8G

Φ25MM metal arm clamp +1 (58×30×35MM) 24.8G

Locating pin × 1 (Φ7 × 36.5MM) 6.1G

M3.0×6MM semicircular head hexagon socket screw×1

M3 metal gasket × 1



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